Yamasa Wireless Electric Kettle YA-301 ,

Level Check Window.
Convenient, Automatic Switch.
The Device is Automatically Switch Off.
Wireless Board.
The Lid is Convenient For Opening & Closing.

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Wireless Board




Operation Usage:
1. Please remove it from the kettle stand rst.
2. Press the lid release button to open the lid.
3. Fill with water between MAX and MIN.
4. Close the lid rmly to prevent water from evaporating from the kettle.(The auto power switch may not work if the lid is open.)
5. Fit the kettle into the power connection bracket.(CAUTION: Before placing on the power supply stand, make sure that it is dry.)
6. Slide the power switch in the direction of the arrow to turn it on.
7. When the water is boiling – the power is automatically turned off and turned on.(you can manually turn the button down during operation).

User Guide

Product Features
1. Level Check Window.
2. You can check the amount of water from outside at a glance.
Convenient operation switch.
3. Easy to operate the switch on the handle.
4. Built-in power lamp on the switch makes it easy to check power ON / OFF.
5. Automatic power-off device.When the water starts to boil, the power is automatically turned off.
6. 360 ° rotating plates.
7. It is handy to use a cordless power cord.
8. Convenient lid opening.
9. Easy to use with the one-touch lid open.
10. Sanitary Door.It is sanitary with stainless steel Door.

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