L’equip 1100W Waffle Maker ,

This non sticky easy to use waffle maker is the best option to make your life healthier.


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Safety and Cautions
1. When using electric / electronic products, always consider safety and read the precautions.
2. Do not touch the hot surface with care and keep it away from children.
3. Do not immerse the product or power cord in water, and do not touch it with wet hands.
4. When not in use or cleaning, be sure to turn off the power cord and be sure to grasp the body
of the cord when unplugging.
5. If the power cord is damaged or the product does not work properly, please contact our ofce and contact the A / S center.
6. Do not use outside.
7. Be careful not to break the power cord while using it, and make sure that there are no combustible materials or electric appliances around the product.
8. Do not disassemble the product intentionally or use it for purposes other than domestic use.
9. When you make the wafe dough, if you use baking powder and yeast excessively, the wafe will be swollen a lot and the machine may become clumsy.
10. “When using the product, the external temperature is hot.

User Guide

How to use:
1. Unplug the power cord when not using it. If the red lamp is turned on, the power is still being supplied.
2. Before using the wafe maker for the rst time.
3. The hooks on the handle and the grill should be pointed downwards and should not come forward (* Caution: The grill does not rotate when the hook is exposed.
4. First, prepare the wafe half line, plug in the power cord of the wafe maker.
5. When the green lamp is on, raise the upper grill and pour the kneading station for a long time at the top of the bottom grill. If necessary, spread it evenly using a tool.
6. Gently close the upper grille and turn it over immediately. The green lamp will soon be turned off, never open it until the green lamp is back on (green lamp is on)
7. If the green lamp on the bottom grill is turned on, the wafe is activated according to the set step, and after conrmation, you can reheat according to your preference.
8. For continuous use, the product is already hot and can be used immediately if the green lamp is on.
9. “Turn off the control switch and disconnect the power cord.
10. top and bottom When the grill is completely cooled, wipe it with a soft plastic brush or a suitable cup.

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