L’EQUIP Pop Corn Machine- White ,

This popcorn maker is very easy to operate and structure, so anyone can enjoy popcorn easily at home. When the popcorn begins to fry, it comes out of the spout and into the popcorn bowl.

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Power Consumption


Plug in

Power cord & plug


AC 220V / 60Hz

Item Size(mm)

280 x 152 x 168mm


How to use:
1. Remove the packaging before use.
2. Clean the top cover before use.
3. popcorn pellets 80 grams into the popcorn bucket. (Never add oil.)
4. Place the cover in position and place the bowl with the fried popcorn in front of the torso.
5. Place the measuring cup on the cover.
6. Plug in the power.
7. popcorn fried in 3 to 4 minutes when switch is on.
8. When popcorn is splashing, do not remove the popcorn bowl.
9. When the popcorn begins to fry, it comes out of the spout and into the popcorn bowl.
10. Turn off the switch if the popcorn is no longer fried.
11. Unplug after use.

User Guide

When using electronic products, please be sure to observe the following basics:
1. Be sure to read the instruction manual.
2. Do not touch the hot surface and use the handle.
3. To prevent electric shock, do not immerse cord, plug and product in liquid.
4. Be very careful when using the product around children.
5. Unplug when not using or cleaning the product. Clean or disassemble the product when it is not hot.
6. To prevent the risk of damage to the power cord, please change the code by the manufacturer, its
dealer or a qualied technician.
7. If you use accessories from other manufacturers, may cause injury.
8. Do not use outdoors.
9. Do not allow cord to hang on table or counter, and do not touch hot surface.
10. hot gas or electric burner Do not use near heated oven.
11. Turn on the power switch after connecting the power outlet. To switch off the power, rst switch off
the product and remove the power plug from the outlet.
12. Use for home use only.
13. Do not put oil or butter in a popcorn container.
14. please keep this manual safe not to be lost.
15. This product is for home use.

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